GLOSILQ LED Fiber Discovery Pack (6 LED colors/pack) (5mm Pitch, 200 LEDs/m)

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This discovery pack contains 6 LED fibers with one color each in 1m length: red, green LED, blue LED, pink, warm white LED and cool white LED. At 5mm pitch, there will be 200 LEDs/m. 

GLOSILQ is an ultra thin mini LED fiber or thread targeting the wearable, e-textile and e-jewelry market. Using chip-on-wire technology, bare LED dies are mounted onto fine copper wire. Without the standard bulky LED package in off-the-shelf LED rope or LED string, these LEDs are smaller, thinner and lighter.

Integrated with fiber copper yarn, the LED achieves a very flexible form factor to be used with fabrics and jewelry bead. This marks the milestone of long sought goal of creating smart garment and smart jewelry.

Using textile coiling method, the GLOSILQ LED fiber can be designed into many patterns such as logo.  

GLOSILQ LED Fiber can easily penetrates through the hole of crystal beads, gemstone beads, pearl beads and lights up. Depending on the transparency and color of bead material, the light may be diffused and light color can be altered in many creative ways. 

Direction of use:

You may need to scratch off the enamel coating with a blade knife to reveal two strands of copper wire for power connection. Alternatively, you could use a lighter to burn off the coating. Please be safe when using lighter and adult supervision is required.