Digital Sparkle 72p 0.5m Crystal LED FPC - 72 Swarovski Crystals

Digital Sparkle 72p 0.5m Crystal LED FPC - 72 Swarovski Crystals

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Digital Sparkle 72p 0.5m Crystal LED Addressable RGB

Programmable bling bling. Digital Sparkle is a SMD crystal LED integrated with WS2812 / SK6812 compatible addressable LED.

The crystal is an affordable diamond. It is the illusion of a diamond. It captures the light and refracts it in magical and colorful way. With digital LED integrated, now you could create the illusion of sparkles and add sensor and algorithm to bring out the sparkle in meaningful way.  Imagine a sparkling bracelet that gives phone notifications, a bright musical headband, responsive crystal LED shoes/heels, smart LED handbag, light-up geo-location wearables, heart beat responsive clothing, etc... The possibilities are unlimited.


  • Integrating both natural and digital sparkle
  • No light hole on the crystal back
  • No light pipe or bead hole on crystal
  • No translucent / frosted glass look
  • Hides phosphor encapsulant, bonding wire and dies
  • Overcome light wash out / light bleeding in textiles LED


Working Voltage: DC 3.3V-5V

Working Current: 5mA/LED (0.9A/m)

Working Temperature: -40 to 85 degree C

Storage Temperature: -50 to 150 degree C

IC: WS2812 compatible

Size: 5mm x 5mm x 3mm

Pixel Color: RGB